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Mail Order Services and Websites

Mail Order Brides Services: what is it?

Not everyone in life is lucky - and, alas, not everyone can meet their love on the street. This is especially true of European men. Many of them have been waiting for years with the one and only. But you don’t want to wait forever, and besides, the chances of meeting a decent bride on your own and “suddenly” are practically nil. Usually, early in the morning you run away to work, late in the evening you barely crawl home, and on weekends you do things that you don’t have time to do on weekdays. In this case, mail order brides services come to the rescue.

The term "mail order bride service" is usually called a dating organization that works as "Cupid" - that is, it helps two lonely hearts to meet in real life. Such agencies can be classified as follows:

  • Dating organizations that require a visit to the office and make out customers in the database only after confirmation of identity;

  • Internet dating organizations that offer usually paid registration on their sites and the subsequent search for the second half for you. True. The authenticity of the data in the questionnaire will have to be confirmed in person if the agency is serious and values ​​reputation. "Linden Cupids", as a rule, do not ask for documents - they only need your money;

  • Dating website that offers the possibility of registration and registration, both through the office and online.

Tips to Choose the Right Mail Order Bride

Among other things, dating services can be divided according to the “place of registry”: the dating agency can be focused on a specific country or on the whole world. Why do men go to a dating agency in order to find mail order brides? The thing is that the human psychology is arranged in such a way that its true needs for security and comfort (immediately after the instincts of self-preservation and reproduction) can be satisfied only when the person is in a pair, in union with a partner. And nowhere not to get away from this, this need is dictated by nature. But no matter how the society makes its own adjustments to our consciousness, it is fashionable to be alone, free. That family values ​​have faded into the background. The trend has become independent. First make money, then build a family. First career, and then children. Women become men, more and more men become infantile, women become masculine and vice versa, add here gender distortions, movements for same-sex marriages and much, much more. And from this we suffer, suffer both men and women. Despite all this! A person aspires to a stable relationship with a single person. By procreation and the fact that the roles are clearly divided, man is a conqueror.


Which way Mail Order Brides Services perform their duties?


It is possible to classify agencies by work methods. For example:

  • Some have a huge customer base, organize dates for internet brides with a choice and psychologically test wards;

  • Others create the illusion of their work and feed them "breakfast", pumping out money;

  • Some dating services offer to find a bride by means of quick dates, role-playing or blind matches.


But, in most cases, in reputable UK dating agencies, work happens like this:


  • The client arrives at the office;

  • The contract is made;

  • The customer pays a certain amount of money;

  • The client’s profile is brought into the database for a specific period (for example, for 6-12 months), after which you need to wait - will anyone invite you on a date. This is when choosing a passive contract;

  • Clients are brought into the database for a specific period (for example, 6-12 months), after which, with an active contract, they are offered: consultations, tests, a photo session, style correction, master classes, and so on.

As the employees of the dating agencies themselves say, if the client nevertheless visited the office, it means that he seriously approached the issue of looking for a wife, and is determined to succeed. In most cases, the clients of such dating agencies are people who are absolutely busy, but those who want to love and be loved too, as well as shy people, traumatized by the unsuccessful experience of love in the past, and so on. As for the age range and gender of clients, predominantly in such bases are girls for marriage (more than 60%) - from 18 and almost to infinity. The average age of seekers of love and happiness is 30-50 years. It is important to note:

  • In a reputable UK dating agency, there are always psychologists, and even psychotherapists, whose task is not only to prepare clients for dates, but also to check these clients and foreign brides for the adequacy and seriousness of the searches;

  • Not every dating agency agency will enter into a contract. If the client is already married, just looking for a rich party or has mental abnormalities, then the test will be swamped, and you can forget about the contract;

  • No dating agency, even the most-thing, will give you a guarantee of success. You will only be provided for a service (appropriate opportunities) for your money. It happens that the arrow of the Cupid reaches the goal already at the first meeting. But this is the exception rather than the rule;

  • In this area of ​​the market a lot of scammers who absolutely do not care about your feelings and suffering, because their aim - only your money;

  • The price of the issue (service fee) will depend on the “service package”. The more specific the order, the higher the price. Of course, age is also of considerable importance: the older the client, the harder it is to find him a couple. Especially if the client is looking for mail order wives, which should be "20 years younger and that’s it."

It would seem that contacting a marriage agency is the easiest way to find women for marriage. But, often, such a search is crowned with wasted money and an unpleasant aftertaste.  How to find a responsible mail order brides service that is really engaged in business, and not pumping out funds from customers? Focus on the following rules:

  • You should carefully study the agency's work scheme: how they are looking for online brides, which services they provide, what they guarantee;

  • Pay attention to the age of the dating agency organization. The longer the agency in the service market, the means its larger customer base, more powerful experience, more results;

  • Reputation of the dating agency. Examine customer reviews in the Internet - is there any positive, how many negative, what they say about the organization;

  • Preliminary agreement. Only in this way reputable UK agencies are working. No sudden calls and a visit from the candidates for your hand and heart! All calls are arranged in advance with you;

  • Cost. Naturally, for $ 150-200 no one will deal with you and look for an individual approach. The prices for the dating service in serious companies will also be serious. But not exorbitant. In addition, it is important that the contract was drawn up according to the “all inclusive” scheme, and nobody asked you for money for unexpected additional services to the very end result;

  • When drawing up the contract, the client must submit documents. But you can also ask for registration documents from the organization itself;

  • The main activity of the dating agency. If the organization, in addition to finding pretty wifes for customers, also sends customers to the tour shops, rents offices, sells toothpastes and packs feed for sale - run out of there;

  • Pay attention to the period of service. Usually the contract is concluded for at least six months. Finding a soul mate in a week or month is almost impossible;

  • The dating agency should have an official office and official address with a telephone (not mobile), as well as the legal address, its bank account and its own seal, and state registration;

  • A serious dating agency does not set conditions for the client - appearance, age, and so on. - It is looking for legit mail order bride, regardless of the presence of children, wrinkles and low social status;

  • The number of meetings with candidates cannot be stipulated in the contract, because each situation is individual. Such a framework (a clear number of promised meetings) speaks about the unreliability of the agency;

  • Pay attention to the style of communication of employees - how polite they are, whether they give detailed answers to questions, whether interest in your person is noticeable in them, etc;

  • The staff of a good dating agency always has a psychologist and translators, as well as drivers whose task is to meet customers at the airport, for example.

Contacting the Mail Order Brides Website provides a number of benefits


Mail Order Brides platform is an ideal option for those who can not independently find a soul mate. This may be due to lack of free time or a very narrow circle of communication. Today, a Mail Order Brides agency provides services to find lady for creating a family. Today, dating agencies that work internationally are very popular. Thanks to this kind of dating agencies you can find your couple in another country. With the help of Internet services, you can significantly speed up the process of selecting European mail order brides and start counting on serious acquaintances. The database of marriage agencies has a minimum amount of personal information. It is for this data that pairs are selected. In order to provide such information, it is only necessary to fill out an application form and get one step closer to family happiness with international brides. After all, it is not a secret to anyone that the majority of girls and women dream of marrying a “foreign prince”, since this, for the most part, gives not only life satisfaction, as well as increased self-esteem, but often full financial independence.

The advantage of dating agencies is that they can arrange a personal meeting with the selected candidate, during which you can study each other better. The agency can also provide a translator if one of the partners speaks a foreign language. A separate item can be identified marriage agencies that operate within the single state. Such organizations specialize in the selection of partners with one citizenship. As an introductory information can be text questionnaires, a portfolio of photos and even full-scale video presentations. In order to make such an account, the agency provides its own photographer or videographer, who will masterfully do all the work. All representatives of dating agencies "matchmakers" are personally acquainted with each client, so they can recommend this or that person. Mail Order Brides agencies provide a wide range of services. As a result, the probability of finding hot bride increases significantly. And the probability of finding the right partner among a large number of candidates increases.


Mail Order Brides: what you need to know


What is a mail order bride? There may be several answers to this question:


  1. Every mail order bride wants to find a real husband, with whom she will be well and comfortable. She is important man with whom you can build a strong family. For a mail order bride, the place of residence of her man does not matter. The search for a native soul, as a rule, ends in six months or a year with a wedding march. And men come from different countries, he may be a foreigner, maybe a guy from a nearby street;

  2. Some mail order brides who have family experience with our men come to the agency with a specific requirement: only a foreigner. Many women have children from their former husbands. And women want to find a man who will be a good father to children, and not just a good husband. Often, women are motivated by their desire to find a Western husband because Western men are serious about their health and responsible for their children. When meeting a man, you should not hurry to show him a photo of your child and immediately sing the praises of his son or daughter’s talents. A man is looking for a wife, not a child with his mother to boot. Get to know a man better. Find out his attitude towards children, towards himself, and only then begin to introduce his child into his life. It is difficult and expensive to get all the formalities in order to bring a Russian wife to your country for a foreigner. If you have a child, then there are additional difficulties, such as obtaining permission to export the child abroad and others. But if you find a man abroad who loves you, and you respond to him in return, together you can cope with it;

  3. Often, mail order bride who are ready to go abroad apply to the agency no matter with whom and under what conditions. These mail order brides more often than others get into unpleasant situations, which are so fond of telling in television. Here, as they say, for which she fought, and ran into it. And it is not surprising that this happens. The girl who set herself the goal of finding a husband for leaving does not pay attention to the “clues” about his true intentions, his bad habits, etc. Many expect that in good conditions abroad, everything is “endured, will fall in love”;

  4. Sometimes mail order bride come to the agency after the death of a loved one, after a divorce or simply separation from a dear person. Leaving in the past all that was expensive, such women hope for the best in the future. And such women do not often marry foreigners. But the attention, the compliments in letters and on the phone, which they begin to receive from Western men, help these women to gain faith in themselves, to return to life, to see other men next to them. And there comes a time when these women again find their happiness in relationship with foreigner.


In complete despair, very embarrassed, those mail order bride who do not enjoy success with among their compatriots and they have to come to the agency. The reasons of looking for marriage can be various.


The Range of Mail Order Bride pricing


There are offices offering registration in the database for 150-200 dollars - you should understand that it is too cheap for this kind of services. Most often, it does not lead to marriage. But this is not the worst option. It is much worse if your data starts to walk independently on the Internet from hand to hand, and, moreover, is not the cleanest. Therefore, sharing your data is possible only if you are confident in the agency which you’ve chosen to search for girls. As for prices, it all depends on the level of the agency, the age of the client, wishes, region and other factors. On average, the cost of amorous services starts from $ 400, and a VIP package of services’ membership can cost as much as $ 6,000 - $ 10,000. Naturally, in the regions prices will be multiply lower. You also need to remember that:


  • The contract must contain the number of candidates that the agency must offer you (otherwise, the entire period of the contract will be fed with promises and excuses "well, as long as no one is ..."). But at the same time, the number of meetings with these candidates in the contract should not be, because each situation is individual, and one meeting may be just a little;

  • Parties, meetings with several candidates at once, are arranged by many agencies. But as a rule, such events remain purely entertaining, and they bring no result. Therefore, if you are offered just such a search half format - look for another agency.


It is important to understand that a lot will depend on the agency itself. Some work with you until the very winning end, and even help “as a gift” to arrange a marriage contract for free. Others honestly promise to return your funds (or part of the payment) to you in case of failure. And still others leave you practically “without pants” and do not really care about the res manyult. You also need to remember that self-respecting agency will not be slippery to “leave the topic” when you are on the phone interested in rates or a package of services: employees of an organization that cares about its reputation will honestly answer all questions by phone.

For many people in our multi-million world, the task of finding true love and a woman for marriage and creating a full-fledged family is not feasible. The sad statistics show that in the world the number of single people exceeds 40%, while in world caps this figure is even higher and reaches 50%. The reasons for this may be really different. But not everyone knows that there are ways to solve the problem of their loneliness. One of the most effective way is to seek help from professionals working in mail order brides services.


FAQ  Section


  1. How to find mail order brides? - One needs to contact a trusted agency;

  2. How to order mail order brides? - It is necessary to fill in the questionnaire, and also to make a portrait of the future wife. Indicate what qualities you need first of all and make a description of her appearance, if this item matters to you;

  3. Where to get mail order brides? - In mail order brides agencies, as well as at relevant Internet platforms;

  4. Mail-order brides are legal? - Yes! Provided that they have the necessary documents and comply with the visa regime for entry into a particular country.


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